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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 16, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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be the fix. today steve jobs was both apologetic as he jetted back from a hawaii vacation just to hold this news conference, a news conference he began with a music video. >> reporter: jobs says the iphone 4s antenna phones are no worse than other smart phones. he showed the other phones doing the very same thing, losing a call. >> every smart phone has this issue. >> reporter: saying the media especially internet websites blew the issue way out of proportion, jobs says this. >> it already has the highest capability of any iphone ever and any smart phone out there.
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>> reporter: he said that i phone four antenna complaints are only about 1/4 of all users. he says that it drops one call less a month than the older model. >> people are reporting better reception with this antenna than they've ever seen before. >> reporter: jobs announced a free software update as well as a free case that seems to eliminate or improve the problem for all iphone users. those who paid for a case already will get reimbursed. if that's all insufficient, then jobs will buy the phone back. >> we love our users, we really love them. we work our [ bleep ] off for them >> jobs always sets a precedent for having great customer service. >> i can't wait for mine to
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come in the mail. so i'm excited. >> i think they are being acting responsibly and they would take care of the problem. so, i would still get one. the advantages are so great. >> reporter: and right these days you will wait about two weeks to get one. they are sold out at the moment. now jobs also said that news reports saying that he knew of and dismissed antenna problems was quote, a crock, unquote. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news more at 6:00. well, apple stock took a slight hit in the wake up stocks. now that's a decline of 6/10 of a percent on the day. apple is trading about $30 a share below it's 52 week high. meantime verizon reports that motorola's new smart phone
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the droid has already sold out online it just went on sale yesterday. the next shipping date for the droidx has been pushed back to july 21st. the u.s. army released the name of a soldier from napa who was killed wednesday in afghanistan. chase stanley was one of several soldiers that died. lawmakers in sacramento have passed and the governor has already signed into law a law that will make bart supervisors more responsible. >> reporter: greater trans transparency was used in describing the new law. >> doing nothing was not an option. >> reporter: the new law
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authored by sandra swanson and signed by governor arnold schwarzenegger appoints an independent auditor. it also creates an 11 member citizen review board to recommend disciplinary action. >> this is a new page in bart's history. >> reporter: the new law is the latest change at bart is the shooting death of oscar grant the iii by mehserle about a year and a half ago. >> things that go wrong prior to this, the bart police department did it themselves. it was our own internal affairs. after january of 2009, that had to stop. >> it gives us another place to go, they look at our training, they look at our policy. they look at the investigations and they can spot check why did the officer do this? why did an officer pull a gun, why did an officer pull a
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taser. why didn't he use the night stick. >> reporter: the oversight is new to bart, but not to many other police departments. >> what bart is trying to do is combine the both. when you have too many hands in the pot, it may get a little interesting. >> they are going to work with us. we always agree, probably not will we always agree? probably not. >> reporter: the new law takes place almost two years after oscar grant's death. police officers in san jose approve a union contract. the police officers association agreed to a 4% reduction now. that's actually better than the 10% other unions have agreed to. officers will also increase their contributions for health care and retirement. the city council must still approve that pact which will
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run through next june. in vallejo, police are investigating another shooting. a 16-year-old girl and man were injured in a drive by shooting. one vallejo city officials say the complex is no stranger to crime and that the property owner should do more to prevent violence. >> we've requested this property owner in particular step up their security levels. they've been relying on the city of vallejo to provide security for their complex. >> reporter: no one has been arrested in the case. police say yesterday was the 21st consecutive day where officers responded to a shooting or found evidence of a shooting. well, bp and federal response officials are crossing their fingers tonight, saying that new cap on the broken well appears to have shut off the flow of oil. tonight from small business to the white house there is
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cautious optimism. >> for almost 90 days of this environment disaster, all of us have taken hope in the image of clean water instead of oil spewing into the gulf. >> reporter: that image of clean water is far from the spew of oil we had been seeing flowing into the gulf. >> either we'll be able to stop the oil or we'll be able to capture all the oil until the relief well is done. we will not know which approach makes sense until additional data is brought in. >> reporter: bp has been taking pressure readings ever six hours. so far those numbers do not rule out any new leaks in the well. but the crude appears to be
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contained from now. eventually bp plans to bring in more clean up crews. >> there'll be less oil in the marsh lands, less oil to kill the birds, less oil to ruin our way of life. >> reporter: there won't be a permanent fix until drilling is complete on those two relief wells. that work is expected to be finished by august. mr.obama also said today that he plans another trip to the gulf within the next month. new job numbers from state labor officials say the recession is taking a grip on california. california's unemployment rate fell slightly last month dropping to 12.3% in june. but even so, the state lost 27,600 nonfarm jobs last month. the bay area lost 10,300 jobs last month. the worse monthly jobs report
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since last september. the average unemployment rate for the nine bay area county was 10.3%. solano county entered the lowest unemployment rate. more than 2 million long term unemployed people may see their workers return to work. senate leaders plan to hold the vote right after a successor is sworn in to replace the late senator byrd of west virginia. >> when you give benefits to people who have been long term unemployed, those are the people who may have no choice
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to immediately go out and spend that money on necessities in the economy. like rent and food and bills. >> lawmakers are concerned about the extended federal deficit. the labor department reported today the core inflation rates stayed at a 44 year low. core inflation is the measure of price change taking out items such as food and energy. the consumer index went down .1%. that was because of a drop in cost for energy as well as airline fares, computers, telephone services. stocks were way down following the release of some key data. bank of america, general electric and citigroup all saw their fares drop. a report showing a decline in
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consumer sentiment also contributed to the sell off. the dow ended up dropping 266 points today. that's its biggest decline so far this month. for more financial and consumer news, go to and then click on the business tab. governor arnold schwarzenegger calls up the national guard, how many and for what next? plus -- >> reporter: the u.s. army is reporting a troubling trend, a rising rate of suicide among soldiers. what's being done about it coming up. you know not quite as warm today, it's still hot inland. but there's more fog at the coast, temperatures this weekend. there's the fog now. a little bit cooler. how cool will they get? i'll let you know next.
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governor arnold
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schwarzenegger placed an order for more immigration help. it's the second time the governor has ordered guard members to the california- mexico border. the u.s. army is reporting a troubling trend, last month a record number of soldier, 32 took their own lives. this follows a record 244 suicides last year. ktvu's robert handa is live now in san jose with more on what's being done to help those soldiers at risk, robert. >> reporter: heather, we're here at eic one of the nonmilitary agency that is deal directly with at risk veterans at work trying to help curve the suicide rate. the department of defense reports that the suicide rate among u.s. army soldiers in june hit an all time high did not surprise people at the veteran's service center at efc life buildings. kerry says suicide among active
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veterans has been a hitting ongoing problems for generations. >> i know a lot of people that have taken their life and committed suicide. >> was there any particular common denominators that you can remember. >> i think the feeling of hopelessness. too many people feel like nobody cares. >> reporter: the army has revealed a new video, soldier to soldier. sighting reasons including relationship problems, financial problems as well as drug and alcohol use. judith paradise is getting housing assistance and daily
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therapy. >> people are really trying to get the programs? >> they've dealt with some criminal history, they've had a mental health or substance abuse behind their service. having that outreach to find that there are still places to reclaim the life that you want to have, to heal. >> reporter: president obama is proposing an increased in spending for veteran services which could lead to more programs. but as many veterans here say, the big obstacle will still be getting at risk soldiers to show up. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. six people were hurt today in another duck boat accident, this time in boston. this time they say the amphibious vehicle crashed into a dock. the driver of the duck boat says he lost control of the
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break. the accident comes on the heels of a more serious accident in philadelphia where two people were killed. vector control plans to fog two spots. the area to be fogged stretches from san jose to campbell boarded by payne avenue to the north, highway 17 to the east and rincon and bud avenues to the south. the fogging begins at 11:00 on thursday night. it comes after several mosquitoes tested positive for west nile in that area. residents can learn more about the fogging at an open house on tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the west san jose community center. on to the weather now, because the weekend is just around the corner, tomorrow as a matter of fact. and what a way to go into the weekend, it's beautiful. >> you know about noon on friday, that's weekend for me. weekend is here for all intents and purposes. temperatures slightly cooler today by 5 degrees, 3 degrees. but we still had 99 degrees at
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the livermore airport. let's take a peak, sacramento right now. 103 in fresno, look at the bay. it's a mild 92 for this time of night. we'll take a peak now. i want to show you the fog that's trying to push in at the coast. there's a little bit of fog out there, the fog is going to be back at the coast tomorrow morning. the weekend will be featuring low clouds and fog. in the extended forecast just stays mild. what happened here? yesterday was a mild day. as you roll into the weekend, temperatures are going to go like this. they are going to go downward. low 90s tomorrow, maybe some mid-90s, then sunday at the warmest spot. still nice. sunny and warm in santa rosa. there's annadale right here. you can see basically we are looking for clear skies throughout the day in santa
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rosa. the forecast then as high pressure moves in as we go into tomorrow, high inland. the heat slides just east of the bay area. for us, lots of 80s. we'll find mid-80s along the bay. the forecast for fog tomorrow morning and there'll be more of it, see. there's going to be more in san rafael. so the last few days we're going to have a little built of fog. now there's going to be a little bit more fog. sunday, a little bit more fog. how this forecast for the fog goes is depending on how the temps go. i'll be back in a little bit. i hope you enjoy it, i'll see you back here. >> thank you, bill. people in the washington, d.c. area think much of what they do is earth shaking, but this morning well the earth
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shook them back. an earthquake measuring magnitude 6.6 hit maryland it was centered in the suburb of german town. >> i woke up to a loud crash or bang, and felt the house shake and to me it felt like something had hit the house. >> reporter: earthquakes are rare in maryland. this is the largest to hit the d.c. area since geologists began keeping record back in 1974. the last one was 16 years ago and measured 4.7. captured by the wide field infrared explorer otherwise known as w.i.s. e. the w.i.s.e. telescope will spend the next month mapping the skies again
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to search for more hidden skies and galaxys. well the final numbers are in, we know now how much was paid for her appearance at a local university and how much money she raised.
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the foundation that hosted
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sarah palin's speech last month as a fundraiser revealed today that it paid the former alaska governor $75,000 for her appearance. foundation officials had previously refused to say how much she was paid. attorney general jerry brown opened an investigation to determine if any public money was used. organizers of the event say that fee was well worth the money. they say palin's speech ended upbringing in $220,000 in donations which they say makes it the best fundraiser they've held. the arizona immigration law gives authorities the right to question a person's immigration status. the controversial law has sparked protest here in the bay area and throughout california and it also faces a court
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charge from the obama administration. the field poll found 49% approve of the law while 45% disapprove. 77% of republicans approve of arizona's law. while 62% of democrats disapprove. 58% white approve the arizona law. while 71% of latino's say they disapprove. 34% of voters say they believe illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from californians, but take a look at this, 58% said though immigrants are doing jobs that other californians don't want. pop star justin beaber is
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the new reigning king of you tube. the video racked up 462,000 views knocking lady gaga to second place. some bay area fans will have a chance to see justin beaber live tomorrow night. he's hosting a concert tomorrow night. clooney is suing men for $12 million. he testified that he did not know the men and that his names bearing the name on documents were either forgeries or photo copies of his genuine signature. police step up patrols in one bay area district this after a string of crimes. the sheriff's department
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continues to investigate the death of five horses, the horses were left without access to water. downtown san jose gets its first department store in decades, some see this as a promising sign, we take a look at the south bay economy coming up.
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an investigation is under way into what took place in this pasture near tracy that left several horses left -- horses dead. two others were severely
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dehydrated and they are now being treated. >> reporter: this is pioneer equine hospital about an hour east of tracy, it is a large modern facility where two of the surviving horses were brought for treatment. due to confidentiality, they cannot talk about the condition of the horses or their progress. a passing rancher spotted the caucuses and called the sheriff's department. four horses were dead on arrival and a fifth found in an area of sparse shade died shortly thereafter. a trough on the property was completely empty. investigators say it was likely dry for three or four days when
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temperatures soared into the 90s. the horses belonged to the property owner. a veterinarian on scene said the animals were well fed, it was solely the lack of water that killed them. ktvu has learned that the owner of the property told investigators that there was water available on an adjacent property and that a gate that should have been opened was closed. the sheriff's department says that it will pass along the results of its investigation to the d.a.'s office to see if charges are appropriate in this case, no timetable was given. near tracy, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. police here are stepping up patrol in a palo alto business district following several recent office burglaries. between february 22nd and june 16th they've responded to six or seven burglaries along the
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east bay shore corridor near embarcadero road. the thieves stole laptops and flat screen tvs. it is not all gloom and doom when it comes to the economy. they are celebrating in the south bay as a retailer opens a new store bringing with it new jobs. janine de la vega is live with what people hope is the start of a great thing. >> reporter: ross held their grand opening here today. there hasn't been a department store in downtown san jose since the 1970s. some see it as a promising economic sign given that unemployment is still high in the south bay. >> i got these shoes. some dress shoes. >> reporter: jamie moore took a break from his job a few stores away to shop at the new ross story. >> just help the downtown area and the business and it will bring people downtown. >> for retail to be downtown, i
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think it's refreshing. downtown has got a lot of restaurants but there's very little else to do for shopping. >> reporter: the redevelopment agency says it was aggressive in attracting the retail store to this location. the store is providing 50 new jobs. >> 50 jobs is 50 jobs. right now that means a lot to those 50 people who are filling those jobs and to their families. >> reporter: the latest statistics from the state's employment development department shows the unemployment rate in the south bay was 11.4% in june which is below the year ago estimate of 11.7%. state labor officials say that's the first time the unemployment rate has been below the year ago figures in over three years. >> maybe a turning point, one month doesn't make a trend. but hopefully it's a sign of better things to come. >> reporter: labor market
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consultant janet shriver says there's been job growth. >> it's been really difficult, lots of temp -- very short term temp jobs and you know nothing really lasted very long. >> reporter: one piece of good news, the federal bureau of labor statistics shows that the average weekly wages have actually increased by 8% from a year ago. reporting live from downtown san jose, janine de la vega. a silican valley building that's been empty since it was built eight years ago might soon have a tenant for the first time. the san jose business times reports that waterhouse cooper has signed a letter of intent to move into the sobrano building. the company would occupy nine of the 17 floors. a spokesman said if a deal is
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finalized they won't move in until sometime next year. hewelett packered plans to move workers to a facility in palo alto which is closer to company headquarters. hp says the move will make the company more efficient because right now only about 60% of the cupertino and palo alto work spaces are occupied. this move is expected to bring the occupancy closer to 90% at that palo alto location. it's bad news for cupertino who says hp is one of its top sales producers. changes are in the works on the golden great bridge. what commuters need to know before rush hour on monday morning. and there are concerns tonight about a certain cancer drug that showed promise when it came to certain cancer tumors.
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today is the last day that car poolers were able to pay with cash when they crossed the golden state bridge. beginning on monday, all car pool cars must stop at with poll collector so they can make
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sure they have the right passenger amount. caltrans has a new website that is supposed to be easier for people to navigate. the biggest change is to the station section. each page now has a section that has schedule information. mcdonalds plans to give away free smoothies but executives worried they would run out of their drink, so they scrapped the plan. no word if they plan to do it in the future. two recent studies find
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that avandia does not have -- a federal report says hospital admissions for abuse of prescription painkillers more than quadrupled. it reports by comparison that admission rates for meth abuse doubled and those for marijuana increased by about half. the figures follow the period from 1998 to 2008. >> well, an alert is going out tonight to pet owners who travel with their dogs, plus -- >> it's not government money, it's taxpayer money. you pay it, i pay it. it's just crazy. next on a ktvu special report, a look at the millions of the government issued cards that are being used to rip off taxpayers. and a beautiful day here in the bay area. our chief meteorologist bill martin will tells us what's in
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store for the weekend ahead. he'll tell us when we come back. new at 6:00, two people discover they have a dangerous disease after trying to do a good deed. we're learning about the first confirmed cases of west nile virus in california this season. also -- a tough new tactics to combat crime working in san francisco -- are tough new tactics to combat crime working in san francisco. out of a job, but not for long. we're learning where some oakland officers who just lost their badges may have already found work. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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in an effort to try to save time and money, the federal government has given debit cards to millions of workers. an alarming number of those workers are using the cards to rip off taxpayers. bay area workers are among those being investigated. >> reporter: we tried and tried to track down benjamin clay. >> we're looking for benjamin. >> reporter: but the person
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inside wouldn't open the door. federal investigators say clayton a former u.s. department of energy employee is a crook who racked up tens of thousands of dollars in unauthorized purchases by swiping his government issued gas card, over and over and over, multiple times a day, for years. for more gas than his work car could hold. ktvu's review of government records, memos and handwritten notes shows 21 employees at if federal protective service for misuse of their government purchase cards. to buy everything from men's suits to products from nordstroms. we found federal probes into workers buying ruth chris' steak house dinners. here's one of the issue, how many government workers do you
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think are walking the streets with government issued cards. try 1.3 million. >> why? it's crazy that that many people should have a credit card. why do they need a credit card. it isn't government money it's taxpayer money. you pay it, i pay it. it's just crazy. >> reporter: one reason those credit cards actually save a lot of time, paper, hassle and ultimately money. a federal audit we obtained, bookkeepers, the general services administration saved a billion dollars by handing out debit cards and doing away with bulky expense reports. >> but the system is getting better, the government has incorporated more technology into this system which has helped identify the people who are abusing their cards. but we still have a system where we still have a lot of money being spent. >> reporter: the credit card purchases will top $40 -- $30
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billion this year. dogs with short snouts appear to be more likely to die when traveling on airplanes. that's the indication from a federal transportation department report that said dogs with short snouts accounted for roughly half the deaths of purebred dogs on airlines during the past four years. since 2005, 122 dogs have died while being shipped in a cargo holds of airliners. english bulldogs accounted for 25 of those deaths, pugs were next at 11. other breeds like golden retrievers and labs rounded out the list. transportation officials say owners should have their dogs checked by a veterinarian before putting it on an airline. coming up now at 6:00, a key ruling today on whether thousands of state workers will temporarily get their pay cut to a minimum wage. our julie haener is in the newsroom. >> reporter: the state's first two cases of human west nile
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virus. and the unusual way those cases were discovered. although oakland is laying off officers there are jobs available but on a much different beat, we'll explain. plus the police chief of one of the largest departments in the bay area who reported today that violent crime is down, in fact, he says the city is much safer now than before. we'll see you at 6:00. all right, we'll see you then, thank you julie. geologists are getting into the fray over california's state rock. the state senate has passed a bill to drop the state rock, because it is asbestos. now some geologists are getting intwined and they say it should be left alone. now is the night to get
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into all that deyoung museum has to offer. tonight at 5:00 it's free to get in. it targets art and wonder free family event. it's going to be pretty nice outside as well. you might want to do something fun, ride a bike or maybe go to the beach, bill. i'm already thinking about -- i'm on weekend mode. >> it's friday, i'm checking out too, i got you. it's the weekend heather, the weather is cooperating. it's not as warm today as it was yesterday. but it's still quite warm inland, mid-90s. i gave you the wrong number earlier, i had a high of 99, that was only 95. you can see it right there it's trying to make a play for the inland valleys. that's where the fog is now, as it progresses into the midnight hour, i think we're going to
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get fog all the way over into the lafayette area, down to walnut creek. that's going to start further cooling. as you get a bigger fog footprint. you see stenson, something interesting, as you see how faces, that's kind of a south face. prevailing winds are north winds. as that northwest wind, you see how there's that clear holder. that's why storms in salinas tend to clear earlier. the other bay that's like that is santa cruz. you see a great example of that right there. look how that northwest wind is sheering the fog off the coast. i just know that after years of watching the coast and driving the coast.
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and those two places that face south tend to have nicer weather. these are the highs from today, cooler than yesterday. it will be a little cooler tomorrow but still nice. temperatures you will find your 100s in the valley. the big valley. our inland bay valleys mid-90s, maybe a couple of upper 90s. fire dangers up a little bit. just a nice weekend, downtown san jose for your saturday. 88degrees, that's still pretty warm. that's at the airport, you get yourself you know a little up into the hills you're going to get 90 degrees easy. the coast remains cool, i mentioned this earlier, but the fog will have more of a push tomorrow morning. so it's 7:00 a.m. saturday, because there's a bigger fog footprint just by virtue. it's going to cool everybody down a little bit. sunday's fog overnight is going to be farther. it's going to get all the way to fairfield. sunday will be a cooler day as well than it was today and tomorrow. a lot going on there.
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the forecast highs tomorrow, you find some 100s in the central valley. the usual suspects, here's our temperatures. you can see, the fog, the morning fog footprint actually mimics the daytime high footprint. i know you know all this but with live in a really neat place that has really cool microclimates. people who haven't lived here a long time don't really get that. 94 in gilroy, 66 in daily city. a five day forecast with fire danger dropping off a bit and more fog showing up next week, but just classic summer weather for the most part. >> good looking weekend. >> yeah, it should be. today there were two more u.s. sames available after making their debut. the new stamps were unveiled.
5:52 pm
the stamps make tribute to the all african baseball leagues. the movie toy story is giving a boost to toy companies.
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a new demand of toys thanks to those toys from toy story. the company reported today that it more than doubled it's net income in the second quarter. still the matell ceo did not give an optimistic report. pablo sandoval the popular giants player brought his heart healthy message to children in a program dubbed, operation panda. you might say there was a little pandemonium at the center today where kids danced and sang. the welcomed san francisco giants star pablo sandoval. the third baseman that can get
5:56 pm
grown men to wear panda pants speaking to kids about eating healthy and staying active. >> it is very important to instill in young kids the importance to eat healthy and stay healthy to maintain a healthy heart. >> about 80 young people took part in today's heart healthy workshop. it was hard to tell if they came for the message or the chance to meet the panda in person. along with getting to know pablo sandoval, the kids took part in workshops. we will have much more on the exercise designed to keep the bay area safe from a terrorist attack. those stories and more coming up next on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. the police chief says the
5:57 pm
city has gotten safer, find out why some residents are skeptical. that story is coming up.
5:58 pm
san francisco's police chief says crime fighting efforts are paying off. but not everyone believes him. >> also two women are diagnosed
5:59 pm
with west nile virus. you might be surprised to find out how. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. things are getting safer in san francisco. things are much safer and today he reported back on the latest statistics showing a drop in violent crimes. david stevenson is live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: critics say there should be more to be done to make san francisco safer. >> the mayor hired me with a clearer vision. that vision is to make san francisco the safest city in the country. >> reporter: chief gascon today delivered a message. violent crime dropped


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